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Making shape wear shopping more fun and convenient. Find the shape wear that fits your body type and lifestyle and wear it with confidence.


About Us

Welcome to MyCurves, a shape wear branded by Enhancements by Katrina. Katrina has been making her mark over the years as a  makeup artist and express that her passion is making a woman feel confident about her self from the inside out. Katrina loves the way women walk with confidence when they look and feel good in their clothing. She says "shape wear is an old school remedy to slim down a few inches and enhance curves in all the right places". Recognizing the trend of having the perfect body, Katrina is now expanding her territory and teaming up with her children (Angel and Jaelynn) and bringing a shape wear line to you in-store and online.  MyCurves is your one stop shop established to tailor to your shape wear needs. It is the home of the 3 stage full body shaper and the MyCurves Wrap Waist Trainer.

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